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ICS Group streamlined the Project Management Process into a strong & practical business tool, stripped it of unnecessary complexity, and made it ready to put in the hands of your people… Learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

On-Site Solutions

ICS Group puts the tools of Project Management in the hands of your greatest asset, Your Management Team. In one to two day experiential onsite learning experiences, we craft the perfect knowledge base for your management team to empower key players with the practical skills for successful project management.

Project Solutions

If you have a strategic project that must go well or an important project you sense is struggling or off track, consider our team based Project Solutions. In these Workshops, a team applies the process and tools directly on its project to get work done. The Project Kick-off launches a new project team to leave with a well thought out project scope and plan. The Project Re-boot gets a project back on track and gives the team tools to stay on track and deliver.

Instructor Led Web-Based Solutions

ICS Group provides convenient scheduling of cloud-based remote training for the most flexible learning solution in support of your organization. Our online, instructor led courses provide corporations user-friendly and flexible co-location training.


Determine Your Goals.  Establish Your Timelines.  Plan Your Course of Action.


Business people who have added "just enough" project management best practices and tools to their current role.
  • They are confident and knowledgeable at leading and participating in projects.
  • They share a common approach to their work on every project.
Project teams who know how to kick off a project for fast, strong project starts.
  • They know how to use project management tools to keep the project on track.
  • They have well thought out plans to deliver results and meet stakeholder expectations, every time.

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