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It was—in the very best sense of the word—a showstopper!

Dear Ms. Kaufman:

Last week, I attended an open session of the ICS Group Foundations of Project Management Workshop, and I want to compliment you and your consultants on the excellent seminar that you offer. It was—in the very best sense of the word—a showstopper!

In my own organization, I am often called upon to lead cross-functional teams, and I also regularly lead communications training for other staff members. So I have some familiarity with both your subject matter and your process.

The clear and systematic way in which this workshop has been designed teaches an intentional process for creating and leading teams. The members of the ICS team worked together to present the material effectively. Their collaboration and their willingness to tailor the material to the needs of the clients was a great model from which to learn. They worked with humor and with careful attention to detail, and they packed a big wallop into the short time we had together.

It is not hard to see why ICS leads the way in project team management training and consulting. If I am half as successful putting my new skills to work as you have been in teaching them, our office projects will take an immediate and giant leap forward.

Thank you for this fine experience.

Sincerely yours,
Director of Communications

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admin, December 19, 2014, 4:29 am