Just Enough Project Management
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Just Enough Project Management

Simplified project management workshops without needless complexity

Projects fulfill the business strategy of a company. The Just Enough Project Management suite of workshops simplifies the frequently needless complexity of project management to focus on key project management skills. They are ideal for professional as well as “incidental” project managers and team members who need to add project management to their functional role. Completion of these workshops builds mastery of the “craft” of project management: combining the science of project management tools and processes with the art of creating relationships for strong collaboration and stakeholder satisfaction.


Project Management Fundamentals Workshop
Key project management skills
Improving Project Outcomes Workshop
Maximizing contribution, accountability, and collaboration
Fast Ramp to Key Project Management Skills Workshop
(available as both a classroom and instructor-led online course)
Practical know-how and tools
Project Planning Workshop
Achieving realistic, committed schedules on any project
Project Risk Management Workshop
Managing the “known” with an eye towards the “unknown”
Project Team Leadership Workshop
Managing collaboration for project success
Project Sponsor Workshop
Clearing the path to deliver business value