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I wanted you to know how effective I thought the workshop was

I attended the ICS training Wednesday and Thursday and, since I understand that you were instrumental in shaping it, I wanted you to know how effective I thought it was.

We’ve all attended countless workshops in our careers. The one thing you can count on is that the connection between what is said at the workshop and what happens when you get back to the office is pretty much nonexistent.

This was the first workshop I’ve ever attended where there was an undeniably strong connection to what is happening in the office. At the same time, the material covered in the workshop could clearly be applied to situations outside the office (in fact, I have a kitchen project going on at home that I am now taking a new look at!). I know that this was not serendipitous—it happened because you put in a lot of hard work into designing the course.

While most of our class consisted of people who I don’t think would be members of a core team, the syllabus gave us all a solid perspective of the stage-gate process that goes on around us (and that affects everyone in the organization). At the same time the course provided everyone with a process that could be applied to any project.

On top of that, when I was asked at the end-of-workshop evaluation to suggest sections that could be reduced, I couldn’t come up with any. The pace of the course was completely appropriate and the time allocated for each section seemed right on target. Again, I know how difficult this was to achieve.

Finally, our instructor was a great teacher. He was well informed about the issues and structure here (so he could weave important information into the instruction) and he knew his subject extremely well.

So I want to congratulate you on what you’ve accomplished. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this 18 months ago when I came to (the company). I hope I am able to get everyone else in marketing scheduled for the course in the near future.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Publishing